Writer / Director / Producer Andrew O’Keefe is a graduate of the prestigious VCA School of Film and Television.

Whilst at film school Andrew’s screenplays won the script award three years running and his graduating film, Wednesday,  was screened in festivals throughout he world and purchased for DVD in the USA.

Andrew’s short films and theatre have been screened and performed all around the world including in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Germany,  the United States, Israel, India and Singapore.

In 2002, Andrew formed Apocalypse Films with  the intention of producing feature films. In 2007 his first feature as a writer / director, The Independent,  screened in 30+ cinemas and had critics labelling the film “clever and magnetic” and “charming… even poignant at times” with a “a gutsy and gripping final act“.

Crime & Punishment, to be released in 2015, is his second feature film.